Planning a stag or bachelorette party? Need to liven up your sex life? No problem! Sweet ‘n Spicy’s selection of tantalizing clothing and wide variety of adult toys are certain to surprise, and satisfy, even those who think they’ve seen it all. See what we have to offer and how it will ignite the flame of desire with something sweet or spicy!

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Special Occasion Treats

Get ready for your special occasion, with our Decorating with adult themed decorations and toys is a unique, sexy, and totally fun way to personalize your special occasion. If you want to have an intimate birthday celebration, a memorable Valentine’s Day, or other special occasion that you’ll never forget? Add an unexpected treat chosen from the “Special Occasion” section of our website. We offer many romantic choices from rose petals to peek-a-boo fishnet stockings. Every item you’ll find is sure to turn up the heat for any celebration.

Seriously HOT Stuff!

When the ordinary just isn’t enough, there is a wide variety of sexy options to choose from at Sweet ‘an Spicy to draw out your wild side or intensify the passion. On our website you will find seductive clothing options that just might illicit a spontaneous and wild escapade. Shop for an adult toy. . .or two. . .and guarantee a titillating night (or weekend) to remember.

Expand your repertoire of flirtation by trying something totally new. Sweet ‘an Spicy offers a host of fetish, bondage, or BDSM items for newbies or experts. Safely introduce something new and exciting with the gentle bondage starter kit. Playfully tease your partner with a lovers feather tickler or get into character with leather fetish accessories. Don’t forget to purchase sensual lotions, potions, and lubes to ensure a perfectly romantic evening.

Discrete, Flat Rate Shipping

All your purchases are guaranteed to ship in total privacy. Don’t worry about nosey neighbors! All items are discretely packaged and all orders over £100 ship for free.

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